• 30 years experience in emergency equipment sales and service.
  • Experience in light and equipment types and placement recommendations.
  • Certified tech installers.
  • We warranty what we sell or service.
 If you’re looking for high quality and trusted brands of LED Lighting and equipment for your car , truck, and or equipment. Here is where you will find it. We have  knowledgeable sales representatives and technicians available 5 days a week for lighting and equipment recommendations, product  and tech support.  

We are not just a another online store. We know what we sell and service and offer recommendations of light and equipment types and placement on your vehicle or equipment.

If you need professional installation or service of lights, siren packages or any types equipment for your vehicle, in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Please visit our sister company  http://www.texasfleetgear.com for
more information on installing lights and equipment on your
vehicle or equipment.

We are here to serve you better. We warranty what we sell. 
In-Store Showroom in Fort Worth, Texas.
   Texas Safety Equipment Inc.
10019 Harmon Rd. 
Fort Worth, Texas 76177
817 847-0007

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